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Seattle Washingtofrom Kerry Park featurign the Seattle Space Needle, Seattle Ferris Wheel, Mt. Rainier, and South Lake Union. Shot by Brendan DeVoue.

About Us

DeVoueted Media is a strategic marketing and production company founded in Seattle. We believe customers intuitively know what brands are right for them when they see them.


We strive to communicate each brands’ vision to the customers they need to reach and produce world-class and high-quality work. DeVoueted Media is a Black-Owned company that also aims to uplift and empower communities of color through visual storytelling.


Meet the owner that brings DeVoueted Media to life


Founder and CEO

Brendan DeVoue, CEO, Founder, and Creative Director of DeVoueted Media. Brendan sits on steps during golden hour in Seattle, Washington.

Brendan DeVoue is a professional marketer, videographer, and photographer form King of Prussia, PA. Brendan lived in New South Wales, Australia and Thessaloniki, Greece before graduating from Northeastern University with a degree in Business Administration concentrating in Marketing. His international experience inspired his love of producing travel content.


Brendan has worked for Amazon Web Services as a Brand Marketing Specialist and Product Marketer contributing to Global Brand Campaigns like "AWS Is How",  and leading Product Launches, Advocacy Programs, and Thought Leadership Blogs.


In 2021 he founded DeVoueted Media LLC. in Seattle, WA to empower brands and creators to produce work that lives forever. 

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